iFarm Exhibition

The 5th iFarm exhibition
12-15 September, 2022
5-10 PM
Shahr-e-Aftab Exhibition Center, Tehran

iFarm Agriculture Exhibition:

The goal of organizing iFarm exhibition in Tehran is to make a comprehensive agriculture and gardening exhibition which attracts national and international exhibitors and visitors to participate and to update their knowledge. 

iFarm is a suitable place for producers of agriculture industry to exhibit their products and to communicate with their national and international customers.

Shar-e-Aftab Exhibition Center in Tehran at a glance:

  • Standard exhibition center with 25,000 sqm roofed space and 30 meters height without columns in the middle of the structure.
  • No traffic limitation for transporting equipment and machinery.
  • Comfortable loading and unloading space.
  • Close to Imam Khomeini airport.
  • Easy to access through Khalij Fars, Shahid Tondgooyan and Shahid Mahelati expressways for the visitors.

The 4th iFarm exhibition report at a glance:

2-5 November, 2021

11578 sqm

Occupied space






Foreign visitors

Activity fields of the exhibitors:

Agriculture and gardening machinery, equipment and tools

Different types of combines (cereals, cotton, rice, potato, and sugar beet), field tractor, garden tractor, tiller, chopper, backhoe loader, harvester, spare parts, tillage equipment (plow, rotivator, disk, weeder, cultivator …), forage harvester (sprayer, cultivator, weeder), etc.

Related industries to agriculture

Desalination, waterproof nano-insulation, water tanks, cold storage, water purification, plant pathology consultant, etc.

Drones, equipment and modern technology

These days we can manage agriculture from cultivating to harvesting by drones. Software and trainings are necessary for better usage.

Irrigation systems

Pipes and linkages, irrigation films, irrigation system spare parts, smart irrigation systems, etc.

Agriculture inputs

Fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, etc.

Greenhouse building and equipment

Greenhouse structure, structure parts, galvanized pipes, smart greenhouse equipment, automation systems, greenhouse electricity, irrigations of greenhouses, air conditioner, heater, plant growing lamps, etc.

with you...

Inviting expert visitors through correspondence with foreign embassies by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran.

Inviting farmers, greenhouse holders and gardeners of target provinces and providing accommodation and transportation services for them.

Informing all farmers and gardeners of Iran through the Ministry of Agriculture – Jahad, Guild of Agriculture of Iran, Agriculture Engineering Union of Iran and other supportive unions

The iFarm exhibition is established to make a suitable ground for merchants, producers, and experts active in agriculture to communicate, set contracts and get acquainted with the latest achievements in the industry. It makes a fruitful ground for distributors, customers and expert visitors to meet and find each other and to expand their activities inside and outside of the country. This event provides great situations for the national and international researchers to improve their knowledge and to find solutions to increase efficiency in agriculture, gardening and irrigation systems.

Easy access via Khalij Fars, Shahid Tondgooyan and Shahid Mahallati expressways
– No traffic limitation for equipment and machinery transportation
– Close to Imam Khomeini International Airport
– Complete service for the exhibitors for running green space machinery and tools in over 40 hectare land space

The unions and organizations that support this event