iFarm Tehran International Exhibition

iFarm Agricultural Exhibition

The purpose of holding iFarm Tehran is to create a comprehensive agricultural exhibition in accordance with international standards and export-oriented in the region to be able to excel in various activities of the agricultural sector and every year it gathered countless participants and visitors from different countries to attend and visit the exhibition and learn about the latest achievements in agriculture and horticulture.

iFarm is an ideal place for active manufacturer in the agricultural industry to provide the guarantee and quality that consumers demand and establish a direct connection with international markets.


A modern exhibition space in accordance with international standards with an area of 25,000 Square Meters, Ceiling Height of 30 meters without columns.
No traffic restrictions for transportation of heavy equipments and machineries.
Ease of loading and unloading of machineries at the exhibition site.
Proximity to Imam Khomeini International Airport.
Easy access to the exhibition through the highways of Khalij Fars, Shahid Tondgooyan and Shahid Mahallati for the visitors of outside of Tehran.

The 6th Edition of iFarm Exhibition Report

17 to 20 October 2023


Exhibition Space


Number of Visitors


Number of Exhibitors


Visitor Countries


Tools and Equipments for Agricultural and Horticultural Machinery

Combine harvesters (Cereals, Cotton, Sugar beet, Potatoes, Rice), Agricultural Tractor, Garden Tractor, Tiller, Chopper, Backhoe Loader, Tractor, Harvester and Spare Parts for Agricultural Machinery.. . ) Planting Tools (Combine, Seeder, Fertilizer, Sprayer and etc.. .) Had Tools (Sprayer, Sprayer Equipment, Cultivator, Weeding, Crusher and etc.. .) Harvesting and Post-Harvesting Equipment (Sweater, Straw Shredder, Back Tractor Mill, Garden Shredder Branch, Crop Stem Shredder, Forage Shredder, Silage Digger, Baler, Retractor, Tractor Shredder, Livestock Thresher, Electric Grain Mill, Straw Thresher, Thresher and etc.. .) Agriculture Tools Spare Parts (Spare Parts for Agricultural Implements, Blades, Gears, Hydraulic Jacks, Screwdrivers and etc.. .)

Related Agricultural Industries

Water Desalination, Nano Waterproof Insulation, Water Storage Tank, Water Purifier Equipment, Agricultural products cold store, Herbal Consultation, Tissue Culture Laboratory and Water & Soil Laboratory and etc.. .

Drone and Modern Equipment's and update Technologies

Nowadays with the help of technology in agricultural the process of planting and harvesting will managed automatically, Types of Agricultural Drone and use of new and update software, Learn and usage of technology on agriculture

Irrigation System and Equipment's

Irrigation Pipes and Accessories (Irrigation Fittings, Irrigation System Equipment's, Tools and Equipment, Machinery and Production Lines, Self-irrigation Machine, Agricultural well Equipment), Irrigation Devices (Center Liner, Spare Parts for Irrigation Devices, Intelligent Irrigation System, Roll Line, Gun System (Pulley System), Electric Motor, Electro Gearbox, Smart Home and Advanced Irrigation System and etc.)

Agricultural Inputs (Fertilizers, Pesticides, Seeds)

Required Fertilizers, Pesticides and Seeds in Agriculture and Horticulture and Greenhouses

Greenhouse Structures and Equipment

Greenhouse Structures and Greenhouse Structural Parts (Galvanized Pipes, Cans and Galvanized Profiles and etc.) Smart Greenhouse Equipment (Intelligent Greenhouse Control System, Greenhouse Automation System and etc.), Greenhouse Electricity (Electrical Panel and etc.) Cooling and Heating System (Heaters, Air Cooling Ventilator and etc.) Greenhouse Cover (Nylon, Mesh & Shed, Plastic Collector Engine, Greenhouse Fittings and etc.) Greenhouse Irrigation Equipment (Hydroponic Injection Machine, Filters, Greenhouse Irrigation Machine, Irrigation Canvas and. ..) Air Conditioner, Pipe Fan, Greenhouse Gutters, Greenhouse Heater Burner, Plant Growth Lamp, Pollination Machine and Protective Net for Greenhouse Equipment.


Expert Visitors Invitation Programs:

1- Correspondence and invitation to ambassadors and businessmen of neighboring countries to visit the exhibition on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2- Invitation of the Farmers, Gardeners and Greenhouse owners of the target provinces and providing transportation facilities to visit the exhibition exclusively.

3- Apprising the farmers and gardeners all over the country through the Ministry of Jihad and Agriculture, the agricultural associations of the country, the agricultural engineering of the country and the country’s agricultural support services company and related associations and organizations.

iFarm Agricultural Exhibition main aim on conducting exhibitions to introduce new goods and products, Creating opportunities to interact with manufacturers, Merchants and experts in the agricultural sector, Acquaintance with the latest achievements, It provides the opportunity to negotiate and conclude work contracts, etc. A ready platform to meet with new representatives and distributors, Brand development and maintaining customer loyalty, Access to expert visitors and businessmen of neighboring countries, Access to the profitable and growing market inside the country and the Middle East, Communication with intermediaries and distributors, Creating opportunities to communicate and Identifying reliable domestic and foreign companies, Evaluating how to increase the power of the agricultural industry, New and modern horticulture irrigation systems, Using wide publicity to increase credibility and better introduce participants, Recognizing the scientific, Research and industrial capabilities of the country and strengthening the relationship between universities and industries and Scientific-research centers of the country.

Easy to meet us on Shahr-e-Aftab International Exhibition center through the highway of Khalij Fars, Shahid Tondgooyan and Shahid Mahallati. No traffic restrictions for transportation of heavy equipments and machineries. Close to Imam Khomeini International Airport. Providing complete facilities required by exhibitors to set up machineries and equipments, Green space with an area of more than 400,000 Square Meter.

Supporter Groups of Exhibition

Organizations and Institutions that Helped in Holding the Event