The International Event of Field days

The International Event of Field days has been held in Karaj-Iran. The International Event of Field days has been held after the agreement between Ministry of Agriculture-Jahad and German Agricultural Society (DLG) in May. After the agreement between Ministry of Agriculture-Jahad and German Agricultural Society (DLG), Hamed Irani (Managing Director of Barsaz Rooydad Pars) said, this evet was set to be organized by Barsaza Rooydad Pars Co as the organizer of this Exhibition in the field of Agriculture and Related Industries and it was contributed by IFW Expo company in the field of Provide and Seed and Plant Improvement Research from 10 to 12 May in Karaj-Iran. He added, for holding this exhibition, an 8 hectare-farm from a 500 hectare-farm related to Seed and Plant Improvement Center was provided. 35 national and international companies had participated in this event. The seed from the participant companies had been planted according to their own instructions from November of previous year. He continued, this event was held for the first time in Iran and by the highest qualities of Europe’s standard; in this important event, the improved seeds of wheat, barley, rapeseed, safflower, corn, and beet were demonstrated in live natural plots. The manufacturers of agricultural machineries demonstrated their products in this exhibition, too. Many professors of improvement center, agricultural efforts managers, farmers, university professors, and Agriculture-Jahad experts eagerly attended conferences and seminars as the subevents of this exhibition. Engineer Abbas Keshavarz, Deputy Minister of Agronomy of Ministry of Agriculture-Jahad, Dr. Eskandar Zand, Deputy Minister and Head of Agricultural Research, Education and Extension, Engineer Shariatmadar, Senior Consultant, Dr. Goodarz Najafian, Seed and Plant improvement Institute Director, Engineer Safaei, Head of Rural Cooperative Organization, Deputy Managers and Managers of Agriculture Association, Extending Managers, Deputy Managers of improvement of plants, Mangers of Provincial Agriculture-Jahad Organization, national and international Managers of private companies, and Directing Manager and Deputy of Directing Manager of DLG have visited this international exhibition last year. “This year, the opportunity in the field of seeds and inputs has been provided with the help of DLG for people active in agriculture industry”, Engineer Keshavarz stated about this event last year. He added, this event has been organized to make a comparative situation for private companies and research organizations in the that farmers would be able to find high quality organizations and machineries. It should be concerned that BRP with collaboration of ATMAK has organized the Agricultural Equipment, Gardening, Irrigations, Machineries, and Related Industries Exhibition from July 13th to August 2nd, 2017 in EXHIBIRAN.